Unable To Use Maintenance Mode API

Unable to use Maintenance Mode API - Error 400 Bad Request.

Issue Description: Using UiPath.WebAPI.Activities[1.9.2]

Example: POST for https://ORCHESTRATOR_URL/api/Maintenance/Start?phase=Draining&force=true&killJobs=false

Resolution: Check to ensure that

  • The Force parameter is set to false if being used for /api/Maintenance/Start
  • Admin and Write permissions are required
  • The Maintenance mode is only available to the Host Tenant.

Investigation Steps: Test with Postman

  • API call fails if the force parameter is set to true for /api/Maintenance/Start

Example: POST for https://ORCHESTRATOR_URL/api/Maintenance/Start?phase=Draining&force=false&killJobs=false

During this time:

  • Robot communication with Orchestrator is still active (i.e. logs are uploaded, queue items are added);
  • No new jobs can be created;
  • A Stop command is sent to all running jobs;
  • All schedules are paused;
  • The Orchestrator interface is unavailable to everyone during maintenance.

Note: If any jobs do not complete, or are too long to wait, you have the ability to send a Kill command for all remaining jobs using the killJobs parameter.

Results when tried to access the Orchestrator website:


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