Unable to upload the Assignment file in Academy portal


I have completed the work for for Level 2 ( Security hash ) Assignment.
As per process i compressed my parrent folder which contains all the sub Xaml file and tried to upload them in academy portal

the page is keep on loading for long time without no result - please assist


Hello Fresher,
please see this thread:

me included other haven even this issue and opened cases at the support team.
I don’t know if this is an general problem or indiviual of each us from us.

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thnanks @ArningR - will check the mentioned thread for answer, also please let me know once the issue is resolved for you

@Fresher The issue seems to be resolved I could upload and submit the assignment.
greats and stay healthy.

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Thanks @ArningR . Have successfully able to upload the work file

Stay healthy :slight_smile: