Unable to update description in jira , but able to update summery


I am unable to update description in jira , using jira application cope.
Connection with jira is valid also able to update summery but priority ,description are not updating .

Kindly help me with same to solve issue.
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Hello Mathkar,
Normally should work I don’t see an issue. Maybe you have some particular request on your instance. IN this case I recommend to use directly the REST API commands like in this movie (you create your own JSON):

Cristian Negulescu

I am watching ur video and creating workflow .
following are the queries

1 - In httpe request for username we have to write email id we used to login jira
and in password we have to write token , right?

2 - when i am writing New.JObject() in default it is showing error like "compiler
error(s) encountered processing expression “New.jobject()” type expected "

3 - In invoke method (which i have not used previously so don’t know much about
it ) i am writing just ADD manually and it is giving me error like

  kindly help me with same so i can proceed.


Please Check the movie on minute 1:52 to see how I define variables you need to write new JObject() .
I also have a movie dedicated how to create JSON with details:

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Yes, i understood my mistakes ,now fine and thanks for help

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One more query i have .
for this link “http://uipath.atlassian.net/rest/api/latest/issues/DESK-11” as u are showing in movie, DESK-11 is my issue key.It is not updating anything in issue.
For me when i am opening my desk-11 it is showing me this link
So which link should i have to use ?

I don’t know what to say on the link. Here I have video how to update something on Confluence maybe you will deduct something from this movie:

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