Unable to update and uninstall UiPath from 23.4.2 to 23.6.0

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I am currently on UiPath Studio Community Edition 2023.4.2. I would like to update it to 2023.6.0 or the latest version. I am currently on Windows 10. Firstly, my program is not automatically updating, and I don’t get a prompt that a new version has released and to update it. I initially followed the instructions provided by UiPath documentation, but the installer doesn’t show the option to update, and shows the same screen as when initially installing Studio Community. I tried completing the quick installation to see if it would change anything, but the installer hung and never completed. I then downloaded the installer once again from UiPath’s website, but the installer showed the same behavior as before. After that I tried to uninstall UiPath. However, UiPath studio does not show up in the control panel to uninstall. It also does not show up in the Windows 10 App and Programs section of the Settings app. Any help would be appreciated so that I can either uninstall and install a new version, or update the version that I currently have. Thank you for the help!


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Try uninstalling the UiPath from cmd



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Please let us know it the solution given by @Anil_G helped.

I ended up deleting all the files from the AppDataFolder(Local and Roaming) in order to “delete” UiPath. After that, I downloaded the latest installer from UiPath and was able to run and download the 2023.6 after that. Not an ideal solution, but the best I could do given that the documentation was not sufficient. I unfortunately didn’t use the solution provided above, so I have no idea if it works. Hope this helps for anyone else that runs into this issue.

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