Unable to type proper string using type into in putty

Dear team,

Read text file activity reading data as it from text file also write as it is in output panel and notepad too.

But to type into putty it types in an invalid format

Input : db2 “select count (*) from print.prt_st where PA=‘p’ and PF=‘tin’ with ur”

But type into activity works like below:

db2 ““select count (*) from print.prt_st where PA=‘‘p’’ and PF=‘‘tin’’ with ur””

And it’s an invalid query format

How can we type it as it is? Kindly provide your support to solve it asap

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Hi @Vrushali_Gave ,

Could you please check whether the extra quotations are present when it reads it from notepad?
Maybe you could try logging it to a new notepad just to check if it is reading it correctly?

Also, you could try experimenting with single quotations?

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

@ashwin.ashok no there is no extra quote and that’s the issue why it’s typing double quote


How about to use SendHotKey (Keyboard shortcut) instead of TypeInto, as the following?



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Try to give give everything single quote

@Yoichi Thank you for the response

Ctrl+v does not work with putty so instead of it I used click activity with right click mouse button to paste the copied data into putty

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