Unable to take server response from UI path

How to take server response from UI path studio?
Page is loaded and it returns false for not finding the element.

When i see the browser console, i can see the errors.

Hi @asgarma

Can you share the screenshot ?

Are you using open browser activity?

Ashwin S

Yes. I am using browser activity and wait for element .
Element is not found on this page so it gets quit.

Hi @asgarma

Have you tried testing this in IE

Ashwin S

IE also same problem… It is not because of browser… looks server issue.
I am checking with that…

I am looking if element is not able to find, i am looking for an error to log some where .
How we would achieve this?

Hi @asgarma

May i know the site is

Ashwin .S

It is not possible to get the server output in the browser @asgarma, When we run the site URL to fetch the results using API, then we can fetch the results and status code but not in the browser, So you need to do the following steps

  1. Use element exists activity and store the output in a variable
  2. Use if condition and provide the variable you have in the first step
  3. Place all the activities you want to perform in the site within the THEN condition
  4. If the value is true, it will do all the operations else simply quit

I don’t think we can capture the console output of the browser, will let you know if I found any

Hi Ashwin,

It is internal site from my company.


Hi Hareesh,

Thank you for your suggestion.
Kindly let me know if you found any solution for console logs.


Can you explain why you want to capture the console errors @asgarma?

Even for some of the sites which are used globally will have some errors if we see. You can’t do anything with those right :slight_smile:?

If you want to find out what are all the errors you are getting in the console,

  1. Element exists to find the image or text
  2. If exists, do process in then
  3. Or in the ELSE part, send hot key F12, it will open the console and then take screenshot of that or get text activity

Could you please help me to take server response from console ?

Page is loaded and it gets out after some time. But i could not see any error.

Please don’t create many topics for the same question @asgarma