Unable to set From email address in Send SMTP Mail Message

I am using Send SMTP Mail Message to send an email through a GMail account. It mostly works, however, I am setting the From email address to one different from the gmail account I am logging into. When the message is sent, it uses the gmail address instead of the From address that was entered.

Is this just a limitation of using GMail as an SMTP server or am I missing some setting somewhere? Would I not have this issue if I were using another SMTP server?

Hi @Gabe_Odess

Have you tried sending an email with a different address through that Gmail account without UiPath? That is, do you have another mailbox configured to work with that Gmail account?

@loginerror we had setup an alias account so in GMail we are able to select if we want to send from the mail address or the alias address, however, when placing the alias address in the From field in UiPath the email was still sent with the main address as the reply to.

It is possible that this function is not supported by the Activity. I did not find any mention about it in the Activity documentation.

@loginerror here is the documentation on it: https://activities.uipath.com/docs/send-mail#section-sender

The name option seems to work, just not the From option.

Hi @Gabe_Odess, this might help you.

  1. in Gmail, go to Mail Settings >> Accounts and Import.
  2. Add the email account you will use as sender in “Send Mail As”. (tick as Alias)

Hi @quihan,
Thanks for the suggestion. This worked for me as well.
I have another query.
In my scenario, I need to send mail to different users gmail IDs from one sender gmail ID (this i created as demo purpose). So, then all the users need to add that sender gmail ID in the above settings to need to work ??

Please let me know.