Unable to send mail using send Outlook mail message with attachment

I am unable to send the output excel file as attachment when bot is running in Run mode
but bot sends the email along with attachment when ran in Debug mode

Hey! Welcome back to community!

Is it throwing any error?

Try to Add some delay before using the Send Mail Message…


Its not throwing any error, It says send email successful.

HI @Shilpa_Mohanty could you check with receiver inbox

and how are u confirming tht it ran successful?

Hi @Shilpa_Mohanty

Have you tried to uninstall and install the package again of uipath.mail.activities.

Try with the latest Mail package.


Mail is not there in my sent items
how will others receive
its working coz there is no error

let me try this

So @Shilpa_Mohanty

are you using preview versions if so please downgrade the version of mail activities and give a try