Unable to see the test case in the Testing section of Orchestratot after publishing the TestCase Package

Hi Community,
I created one test case and published it to the Orchestrator. It’s there in the Package section of Orchestrator but I m not able to see test case in the Test Case section of Testing.
Kindly help me into it.


Ideaaly if it is declared as test project then test case should be automatically create donce you publish can you please confirm Is it like process or test case

Please confirm or verify these steps




I followed the same steps as described in the above doc still my test case is not there in the testing section of Orchestrator after publishing.


can you put the screenshot of the test case that you see on the package section of orchestrator?


Highlighted test case is in the package section, but it is not showing under Test Case of Testing tab as below.


Make sure you mark the test case as publishable before you publish the project to orchestrator. This can be done by right clicking on testcase file under project panel.

Hi Siddhi, i’m also facing same issue did you got any solution

Did you set the folder from studio where you want to publish the test case