Unable To Run Test From Test Manager

How to handle the error received while running the test from the Test Manager "No Steps defined "?

Executing tests can be done either manually or automatically. Manual execution is invoked via Test Manager while automated execution is invoked via UiPath Orchestrator only. No matter which flavor is chosen to use, test cases are never executed directly. They are instead executed by executing test sets.

Automated Tests: To execute automated tests, a test set needs to be created in UiPath Orchestrator. There is no need to have a corresponding test set in Test Manager.

Manual Tests: To execute manual tests you first have to create test sets in Test Manager, as explained here. The Test Sets page is the place where you manually execute your tests. Each case has to be treated and marked as either passed or failed with the help of the Manual Execution Assistant. More information is available in the Executing Manual Tests page.

As well the source of the test might be set to Test Manager level and not to Orchestrator.

The test from Orchestrator might not have been sent to Test Manager and also, the test is snot linked to the test set from Test Manager .