Unable to run python script with multiprocessing from Uipath

There is a python script having multiprocessing in it, though the Uipath flow displays that the Process completed successfully, none of the multiprocessing functions are executed at the backend. Refered the Uipath forum for this issue couldn’t find any pointers in solving this issue…
Any pointers on debugging this ?

Hello @mailsmithash ,

Are you able to execute a normal python script? or facing issue in the python integration with UiPath?

If second issue you can watch the below video, else plz explain the requirement.

No issues with integration, a simple python script executes fine. When multiprocessing is used in Python script it says execution went fine in Uipath, but at backend it has not executed.

This is the script i am excecuting from Uipath, the files are not getting creating at the backend, though Uipath executes fine without any errors.
PythonScript.7z (2.1 KB)

Two processes to write to a csv file. When executed outside Uipath the script works fine.

@mailsmithash did you provided the python path properly??? Also which activity are you using??

Yes path is given correctly, Activities used : Python Scope,Load Python, Invoke Python Method. Its in the attached files.