Unable to run multiple workflow in same project each workflow from different system , All 5 workflow has to be executed at the same time in each system, not in different times

Hi Everyone,

I have created a project in it ,i i have 5 workflows each workflows save different automation activity(extracting data from 5 different website ) i run each workflow in 5 different systems it was working good till last month ,now it is not running as before ,says file is read only but i am not executing the same work flow each one in different system.

Each work flow is under same folder ,single main file.

is it bz of the UiPath version change? - current one is studiox 2023.4.0.

Please suggest me the better solution


Selvam A


May I know how are you running them and where the code is?


Hi @Anil_G ,
the code is in my share path , i am running from there, i have attached the error snap.


Is it windows compatibility?

If yes then you need to use absolute paths…and have separate code…better not to have in shared path

Not sure how you are managing the license though


It is resolved, Solution === Only one bot can run for a main, we can not run 2 bots for same main at the same time, that was the issue.Thanks for guides.

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