Multi-Robot Residency&Multi-tenant



hey everyone i am new to UiPath and wanted some more information on Multi Robot Residency&Multi-Tenant
i couldn’t understand clearly when i saw new release paper.
I want to know for the case
If i have one laptop and one virtual machine on which server is installed can i run multiple robots on the same machine and also do i have to wait for one robot to complete the execution and then the next robot will start or they can work at the same time?

And also how is the client charged for using uipath is it based on data or per robot?


Hey @Nara

This link might help you on this:

As per my knowledge i do not think so Uipath like some other vendors charges based on robots. You have to only pay for license based on yearly or monthly( Should contact sales team of uipath for pricing and terms on the official site) and same with Orchestrator licensing as well.

Let me know if you needs any help on this :slight_smile:



Thank you @aksh1yadav i am confused
What are scripts? are you talking about java script?and what is the difference between workflow and robot.
i made a simple workflow in design studio yesterday isn’t it the robot which i will upload to orchestrator ?



I was talking about the “.xaml” scripts which is known as workflow here.

Robot is just a collection of workflows or “.xaml” script which bundled as nugat package.

Much as a definition wise i will not be so helpful here but may be some others will let you know :slight_smile:

you have to upload the published package to the Orchestrator and if you have provisioned your robot i mean linked or configured your machine with Orchestrator Url then when you will publish it will be update on orchestrator server as well.



great !! Thank you very much you cleared all my doubts.
adding multiple xaml files to one flow at the end will be really helpfull !!



you should preffer “State Machine”?.



@aksh1yadav can you explain state machine?



Hey @Nara

Please go through with this link:



Thank you @aksh1yadav


Hi folks,

i have some doubts about orchestrator:

1- To access to remote machines, it is necessary any additional software license, like Microsoft Azure? ( i saw in orchestrator example video ) or the app needed is included in orchestrator?

2- If i am using orchestrator in a server… can i access through rdp app integrated in windows to other sessions ( in the same server ) in order to run those robots?

3- In each remote machine…i understand that must be installed uipath studio, but, is necessary to buy a license or could be installed community version to launch ( although the license must be reload every two months )

In this topic Ash said to contact to sales dept, but i tried many times and it’s impossible to obtain feedback from them ( they should be more active, if not, they are losing sales…).

i understand this like this.

Process: one or a few of xaml processes, wich can be executed in secuential mode by one robot installed in one user machine, and also this process can be executed for multiple robots in another user sessions at same time. so a process can be executed by multiple robots ( in diferent user login sessions )

Robot: is the app ( i guess this is installed through uipath studio in the client machine ) which execute the processes stored in the server ( as published packages ) where orchestrator is. As i see if is a multi user system, each user have a robot, which can be run a process ( but only one at same time ) so the execution for many processes is secuential ( it must be finish one process to start another )

Please if you clarify me if this is correct, your help will much appreciated.

thanks , BR