Unable to Run AI Center Pipeline (Failure Reason: Insufficient Licenses)

Hi All,

I am currently using Enterprise trial version. On AI Center I am trying to run a pipeline but I get Failure Reason: Insufficient Licenses.
I can see the license usage tab as this:

Also, at admin level I can see AI Robot and API not being consumed.

How can I allocate license to AI Center to use pipeline and other features?

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Did you already create any project?

In thelicensing pge ideally you can allocate the license to users or tenants as needed

Also is the trail expired? It is there only for 60 days


Yes, I have created projects.

No, License has not expired.

In the license page I can see three tabs, and in the Consumables tab I see AI Robot Units, AI Units and there usage.

But how do I allocate them?


Right top ypu will have edit allocation there you can edit

And in the orchestrator → trnants assign the roles to the user


I have allocated there, but still no change.


Can you please show what you have done

Also which model are you trying?


This was the Edit Allocation option:


ML Package: ImageClassification


Can you show what roles are given to the user as well please


Automation Developer, User & Publisher


Please check for project creator role or edit roles and give the ai center related roles


I have given proper roles to the user but still same issue.
In the license usage I can see 0 out of 0 AI Robots consumed.
How can I change this?

AI Center uses the concept of an AI Units for licensing.
AI Robot is legacy license, not available in trial, as far as I know.
Check these docs:


I read the documentations but didn’t find any help.
Didn’t find anywhere about AI Robot not being available in trial.

I guess the issue was that I had created a trial version on old orchestrator and because of this I had to use AI Robot, but when I created a newer orchestrator and started a trial version there, I was able to utilize AI Units.

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