Unable to retrieve string from text file


I have a text file containing a format like this;

Activity: Upgrade features
Current version: yy-yyy-10.1.1/xxx-1.1.1
Deployment version: yy-yyy-10.1.1/xxx-2.1.1
Area: A1

and so on, but I only want to retrieve yy-yyy-10.1.1/xxx-1.1.1 from current version, and yy-yyy-10.1.1/xxx-2.1.1 from deployment version using regex.match.
Please help!

Thanks and regards,

@wootberries24 refer this for current version regex1 and for deployment version regex2

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Hi @wootberries24

You can use regex expression as below

(?<=Current version:).+

(?<=Deployment version:).+

Hope this helps



Thanks! This helped too!

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Thanks! This solved the issue! :slight_smile:

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