Unable to Extract value using Match command

Hello All,

I have one text file. I need to extract only error details from my file.
I have tried to using Match command. But, Facing the issue. Unable to get it.

I have attached the reference screenshot. Can you please check and guide me on this.

Thank you.


Regex .*ERROR.*/d.* should get you all errors, but I see that your match regex is more precise. Are you looking for a specific error to pull from the log?

Hello @Anthony_Humphries.

I don’t want any specific error details, I need to get all error details.

Hello @Anthony_Humphries,

My text not matching…

Split the whole text into seperate lines.

Check which lines have ERROR in it. Take such lines into a list.

Download the code here : http://tiny.cc/ExtractErrorXAML


Can you try the following expression?



Match is not used to extract, just to confirm that expression is found in your text, you will want to use Matches activity, so it will return all occurrences of the expression you build.

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