Unable to remove Machine

I need to remove a machine that I am no longer using. It shows there are no robots, however, when I try to disable it, it shows the pop up message " The machine machine_name cannot be deleted because it has robots attached to it (#1202)". can someone please suggest what can be done? I am using community edition.


That night be the case that, the robot to that Machine is created in other orchestrator folder in the same tenant.

Check all the folders to confirm if a robot Exists with that machine

Hi @priya.pai

Please remove the Robots and the Folders linked to the Machine, and try removing it.


Hey @priya.pai

You are still facing issue here ?


Hi @priya.pai removing athe associated robot which is linked to that machine would serve the purpose

Hope it’s fine for you

yes, issue is still there

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Are you using cloud orchestrator?