Unable to remove Double quotation from API Response


I am authenticating an application via API and getting the response as below,

API Response:

Need to remove double qoutation from the above string as below,

Result: sgsjdhfcgdhceuhdcbukreyfberyhfchergfherkfnerkwfah

Kinldy help me on this, Thanks in Advance.

Hi @Dharunya_Devi

How about this expression?

"sgsjdhfcgdhceuhdcbukreyfberyhfchergfherkfnerkwfah".Replace(""""," ")


@Gokul001 ,

tried the above one, its not wokring

Hi @Dharunya_Devi

How about this expression?

"\""sgsjdhfcgdhceuhdcbukreyfberyhfchergfherkfnerkwfah\""".Replace(""""," ").ToString.Replace("\"," ")


the returned string is of:

" "ABCD " "
the outer " are the string markers
the \" - is the qote within the strings

so we do:

Hi @Dharunya_Devi ,

Maybe we could also try with an alternate as below, maybe the below suits more to your requirement :

Hi @supermanPunch @ppr @Gokul001 ,

Tried all the above mentioned approch already,

After doing replace as → string.replace(“”“”,“”)
Now the string is like,

But need to remove this double qoutation as well,

Expected result: sgsjdhfcgdh–ceuhdcbukreyfbery.hfchergf-herkfner.kwfah

Hi @Dharunya_Devi

"""sgsjdhfcgdh–ceuhdcbukreyfbery.hfchergf-herkfner.kwfah""".Replace(""""," ")




A more close to JSON approach is about Deserializing / Value retrieval

just show us more details from the immediate panel

@Dharunya_Devi ,

Could you maybe provide us with a more transparent look on the data before and after Trim/Replace using a Debug/Immediate Panel or Write Line activity ?

The response is a string and it is not a JSON type,

PFB the response from immediate panel,


see last line, it did it

JSONConvert.DeserializeObject(Of String)(apiAuthResponseContent)



No luck, it is again coming with double qoutes,


see the updated post where we showcased and also verified that " is not contained
don’t get mislead from surrounding " in the panels as it is indicating the string markers

If you don’t trust, then write this variable within a text file and as a result, you will see (when done right) that there is no surrounding " in text file content

The same value needs to be used to another HTTP Request for retrieving data, If i pass the value it is showing the reult as bad request.

@ppr , The solution you gave worked, i wrote the string in a text file and read it again. Now there is no Double Qoutes.

Also tried with regex with another pattern which is also working fine,

Thank you so much everyone for your spontaneous response.

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