Remove double quotes from a string


I need to remove double quotes from a string, I’ve tried unsuccessfully to use Replace(“”",“”).Replace(“”“”,“”), the text below:

"Process number"; "Products for subsequent adhesion"; Account; CPF / CNPJ; "Associated Name *"; "Is the Associate present to sign?"; "PF Relationship Basket"; Instance; "Observation of the opening of the process" ; "Responsible for the creation of a process"; "Unit code"; "Does the Member already have a Credit Card?"; "Day for overdraft charge charges"; "Proposed Overdraft Limit"; "What is the Credit Card Limit?" ";" Credit life insurance overdraft ";" Does an associate already have an overdraft? ";" Additional card ";" CPF (additional) ";" Card functionality (additional) ";" Proposed card limit ";" Name (additional) ";" Name Endorsement ";" What is the Overdraft Limit? ";" Receive a physical invoice? ";" Credit Life Insurance ";" Type of Card and PF Flag "

Hi, check:


Thanks for the answer,

but the aforementioned solution did not work, below I demonstrate the code used and the result obtained, with double quotes does not work, but apart from the letter “J” it works for example.

(From r In arquivocsv.AsEnumerable
Select rac = r.ItemArray.Select(Function (x) x.toString.Replace("J","")).toArray
Select tabela_aux.Rows.Add(rac)).CopyToDataTable()



Try this:

new_text = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(text, "[""]","")


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