Learning is free:Advanced Certification - Unable to Login

I am trying to register to the advanced certification program for which i have received an email from UiPath. Whenever I click the Apply button, it takes me to Login Screen (Even I am logged in to Academy, its not considering that). Once I enter credentials, email validation is requested. But i am not receiving any emails to my registered email ID to complete email validation.
Even when I am requesting to resend confirmation email, not receiving emails.

Please help me on this.


Thanks in Advance.

@Madhavi Check once with spam and promotions folder

Hi @Madhavi

1.Go to https://www.uipath.com/rpa/academy/certifications?hsCtaTracking=7f85d62b-63ea-456e-9935-5d26a40805f9|02de7d29-818c-480b-baf5-674752d84a50

2.Click “get your rights now” tab

3.Register your account “https://login.microsoftonline.com/uipathidentity.onmicrosoft.com/oauth2/v2.0/authorize?p=B2C_1A_UiPath_IDP_signup_signin&client_id=db8ab2f1-eac6-4d7f-8307-cf87612926ff&nonce=defaultNonce&redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fcertificate.uipath.com%2Floginuipath&scope=openid&response_type=id_token&prompt=login

4.you will get the email notification , sometimes it might be in your spam or outbox.

5.Then completed and get your advanced certificate.


Thank you @indra and @Sob
I have followed the same steps. You can see it in the image too. I even check spam folders too. But didn’t get any email.
I have again registered with another email (this time office email) and received the verification email.
Not sure is personal email ID was the issue.

I think in gmail no issues, but in outlook ,Some of my colleague also facing issue .
You are facing issue in gmail or outlook?

@Sob Its outlook

@Madhavi Actually me also faced same issue but after some time from my personal id (gmail) only i logged in and there are three levels first level is having 45 question with 90 minutes after answering if you click submit button it takes some time suppose if you click one more time or reload than questions will be skipped to 5 questions forward

@indra I have taken this certification last year from company side. Wanted to take again as its a learning path. I have been trying from past 3 days and didn’t get any email. Now that I registered with new email, got the registration complete.
I think as @Sob said issue might be because of outlook account.

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As of now ,use gmail account and complete your certification .

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Thank you @Sob
As I mentioned earlier, as of now, I registered with a different email account and completed the registration :+1:

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Great !!!

I have registered with user name - Nanda_RPA & some password in academy
And while coming to Advanced Certification & clicked login button, what should i do? We should have same credentials as in academy? Or what?