Unable to read PDF with digital signature


I try to read PDF files with digital signature and the result is blank string. If i try other PDF without digital signature everything is ok. Is there some restriction with that kind of files? What I can do? Please help!

Hello @Denislav_Vladimirov

Which activity are you using to read the pdf?
You can try using Read pdf text and if its not working use Read pdf with ocr.

Hi @Denislav_Vladimirov ,

Can you use Read PDF with OCR

Hi @Denislav_Vladimirov

Can we know what is the Activity are you trying to read the PDF with.


I tried with read pdf and also tried with read pdf with ocr. The result is the same.

Hi @Denislav_Vladimirov

Can you please follow this link . Hope this may help.


Thank you! I saw this post before i wrote my post, but this is for verifying digital signature. I don’t need to verifying or read digital signature. I just need to read the TEXT in the PDF file. If there is any other suggestions :slight_smile: