Verify valid digital signature in PDF

Hello everyone,

Do you know if it is possible to verify that a PDF has a valid digital signature without opening the document? Is there any specific training on the subject of digital signatures? Thank you


I needed this in a previous project.
At that time I have used Read PDF activity to read it and to assign the text to a String variable.
I splitted the PDF’s text based on its structure and at end I verified if this sequence " /* S:firmaint1*/ " was present in the text . (without space after /* and before */)
This is how digital signature is identify in the PDF text.
The number before the */ represents the number of digital signatures.

Hope the reply it’s helpful. :smiley:

Hi Catalina,

Thanks for the help but I am not able to reproduce as your instructions, I have no experience with PDFs and their interaction with Uipath. Can you please tell me all the activities used or, if possible, send me the .xaml

Thanks a lot

Hi @Slop !

I attached an xaml file where I used the activities as in my previous project.
I couldn’t attach the pdf that I have used and on which the described condition works.
The sample PDF that I have downloaded has another type of signature and the read pdf activity can not read that part.
I explained a workaround in the xaml file if your pdf looks as in the sample.
You can try to see if in the log message of the PDF’s text there are characters as described in the previous comments which indicates the digital signature.

Regards! (144.3 KB)