Unable to read .iqy file using Excel Read Range

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When i try to read a .iqy file using excel application scope - read range, I am getting below error. Excel package - 2.11.4(lowest applicable)



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Is it working fine with previous Excel package versions ?


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I think excel application scope activity will work on .iqy filetype

As the error shows the file is being used by someone make sure the file is closed and then give a try or use kill process activity and pass ProcessName as “Excel” and then use excel application scope

Also check whether you have the permission to open the file

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Try to open the file manually first and then check if all the permission are given to the user to open the file.

Also please close the excel file when you are reading it.

I am using kill followed by delay and then trying to read, pls check this attachment.
Permission wise I can open this manually

So is it working or you are still facing the issue


Hi, it wa not working even after i added the delays so I have changed the approach of “Download to Excel” to “Download to CSV”. I think the .iqy file is having some security features added to it which is restricting UiPath to read the file.

Thanks for all the support and help provided here

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