Unable to publish the project. No entry point found. 프로젝트 게시시 진입점을 찾을 수 없다는 오류

Unable to publish the project.
No entry point found. Error that no entry point was found when publishing

Why is he doing this?

Hi @echogac1412

  1. Ensure that your project contains a Main.xaml file. The Main.xaml file serves as the entry point for your automation project. It should be located in the root folder of your project.
  2. Check the project.json file in your project. Open the project.json file in a text editor and verify that it contains the correct entry point information. Look for the "main" property and ensure that its value is set to “Main.xaml” (assuming your entry point file is named Main.xaml).

“main”: “Main.xaml”

Hope it helps!!

Hi @echogac1412

Make sure before you publish your process or projects there are no errors in your process. Then it will get published successfully. Main.xaml file srves as an entry point for publishing a process…

Hope it helps!!

Fixed it, but this time they want you to remove the unused import and try again.

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