Unable to publish library package to Orchestrator in v2019

We are moving from Orchestrator v2018 to v2019.10.18 (fresh install) and are trying to publish our existing, working custom library packages which were developed and published in 2018 to the new server. We are using Studio 2019.10.5. We open the existing source code, force a change and save it so it now should be acceptable as a v2019.10 xaml file, and also updates the project.json file. All looks good, and when we publish to the new server the library package is published successfully. However, we do not see the package on Orchestrator, nor do we see the package on any workflow we open up in v2019 Studio.

Can someone please offer some advice?

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Hi @ddeneau
you said fresh install , so the relevant packages are not going on automatically check your package publishing location

Correct, we have a fresh Orchestrator install.