Unable to pass json body with GET request with http Request activity. someone could help please

Hello there,

I have an requirement where I have to send json body with Get request. when I run it on postman, I am getting expected response. but on uipath , getting 400 response code.

I have gone thru multiple solutions available on forum but non of them solve the purpose.
I have tried below formats to send body :

  1. “{'Time : {‘StartTime’: ‘2019-02-26T15:00:00.000Z’, ‘endTime’ : ‘2019-02-26T15:59:59.000Z’}}”
  2. “{”“Time “” : {”“StartTime”": ““2019-02-26T15:00:00.000Z””, ““endTime”” : ““2019-02-26T15:59:59.000Z””}}"

can some one please help with the solution.

Hello Sheetal,
In this video I work with a complex JSON:

Cristian Negulescu

Thank you for sharing , appreciate much !!

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