Unable to open workflow

After updating the studio this problem occuring i cant able to open workflow, even after reinstallation.


Hello @Manoj_Advitote

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Are you trying to open an existing project or trying to create a new project?


Hi @Manoj_Advitote,

Click on the project menu on the top left side of the screen. You could see project files in that panel.

@Manoj_Advitote ,

click on the project panel in your left side, then u will get your workflows displayed , double click on any work flow

Not working, even after double click or right click open method also not working, default open main workflow also not showing.

As shown in image it should appear but it is not appearing like this after updating.

Both are not working, Thanks.

hi @Manoj_Advitote,

Click on the main workflow in the designer panel to view the main workflow otherwise go to the project panel and click on any workflow to view

Not working.

Please share the screen shot of project panel

Click on your workflow whatever you have done

is there any setting for appearance of highlighted things?

No,it is default one, when you create new project in uipath

@sangeethaneelavannan1 ,

Can you try creating a new workflow??