Unable to Open UiPath Studio - An error occurred during the activation of a particular registration

I have below error code while working on my Advance Developer Certification. request you to please help me on this. unexpected restart and while opening the application I got this error…


Exception attached in text file

Exception.zip (1.9 KB)

Restart your machine and check.
Seems to be Stuido not loaded properly.

I did restart and lost my one chance of Advance Certificate. I also re installed studio and no luck.

Are you using community edition?
If yes, did you successfully activated your studio license?

As I look closely, the error states that “An error occurred during the activation of a particular registration”. It has to deal with the registration or activation of studio license.

If you are a behind firewall, turn off and try once.

Post Edit: Exception pasted in a file for better view of the post.


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Thank you so Much Prankur

Yes Karthik

I’m using community edition and I don’t have any firewall installed.

I would like to know how to remove in registry

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what registry @Roofus

I did reset my system and reinstalled studio and now it’s working.

The Windows Registry Editor (regedit).

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Good to hear. :smiley:

Would you please send the screenshot of errors message

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