Unable to open HTTP Request Configure button once it is closed in version 1.6.0

in UpPAth API, I’m using HTTP Request from the UiPath.WebAPI.Activities 1.6.0 becase mt studio version is lesser than 22.1
Now the problem is when i add the activities i have provoded the relavent details like(End Pint URL and Add the parameters). then once i have configure the HTTP request then press ok button, second time i cannot open the HTTP Request activity to goto the configure.
Do you now why this is is happening ? please refer the below screenshor for reference.

That’s true
The same configuration window won’t appear again once it is closed
If we need to edit those configuration again you can do through property panel
It reflects the same details

Cheers @Niyas_Kallamveettil

But i need to preview the configuration in order to take the value, it there any other method. ?

It’s all there in the Properties panel of the activity.

That’s what I mentioned here
It gets reflected in property panel
So if you want to configure you can do the same with property panel and even more clear

If you want to do again you can may be delete that activity and drag in again the same activity

Cheers @Niyas_Kallamveettil

How to preview the http request once it is closed, i do not see this option in the property. can you please help me to fid that ?