Reopen Preview Mode in HttpRequest Activity

When we Drag and Drop the HttpRequest activity - we get the below wizard to preview and test the Endpoint - We Provide the Request and we get the Response.

Once We click OK - The Editor is Closed and the Properties are Loaded.

Now, if there is something - I want to test the Endpoint again with some other Request Method - I can always change the Properties - but I cannot get the Preview (Response).

It would be Good - If we have option to Reopen the Http Request Wizard to edit and view the Response.


I’ve had the same question before and as far as I know it is not possible to open up the request wizard again.

I totally agree with you that this should be possible, especially since UiPaths API automation capabilities are clearly lacking compared to competitors.

But who knows… maybe it’ll get added sooner or later.

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Thanks for your suggestion. We have this request tracked, added your vote.

We are planning to bring this functionality but it is not yet implemented. Most likely it will be added next year.

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