Unable to open file in StudioX due to missing workspace variables

I created a file and did the work in Studio X(due to coy licensing) and debug/troubleshoot in Studio. Just before I finalised my work in Studio, I removed unused variable and now i have issues opening the file in StudioX. I would like to know how to resolve or find the missing variables?

The project ‘C:\Users\ps.logan\OneDrive -Limited\Documents\UiPath\Prop Tax Bot\PropTaxBot_StudioX\project.json’ could not be opened: Project is incompatible with StudioX profile. You can open it in Studio and fix the errors.
Missing Workspace variable.

when you work with Studio(standard one) and open in the studio X will generate an error, because studio x files are supported in the studio(standard one) but Studio(standard one) files are not supported in the Studio X

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Hi @P_S_Logan_Intern-Group_Te

When you build your project in Studio you will have wide range of activities to work with. Studio X files are supported in Studio but not vice versa. Below explanation will give you exposure on Studio X and Studio.

UiPath Studio X is specifically designed for citizen developers and focuses on simplicity and ease of use, providing pre-built templates and [activities for common business tasks. On the other hand, UiPath Studio offers a wider range of activities and more advanced capabilities for professional developers. You will be able to run Studio X program in Studio but not vice versa.

Hope you understand!!

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Hello @P_S_Logan_Intern-Group_Te ,

The error message you encountered indicates that the StudioX project is incompatible due to missing Workspace variables. When you removed unused variables in Studio, it may have caused the issue in StudioX, as they both have different profiles and configurations.

To resolve this issue and make the project compatible with StudioX again, follow these steps:

  1. Open the project in UiPath Studio:
  • Open UiPath Studio (not StudioX) and click on “Open” from the Start page or go to “File” > “Open” to browse and select your project’s project.json file.
  1. Check and Fix Variables:
  • Once the project is opened in UiPath Studio, go to the “Variables” pane on the left side. Look for any variables that are marked with a warning icon indicating they are missing or incomplete.
  • Resolve the missing variables by either re-creating them or making necessary adjustments to existing variables to match the original configuration.
  1. Verify Workflow Activities:
  • Ensure that all the workflow activities in your project are supported in StudioX. Some activities in UiPath Studio might not be compatible with StudioX.
  1. Save and Close:
  • After fixing the variables and ensuring the compatibility, save the project in UiPath Studio.
  1. Open in StudioX:
  • Now, try opening the project in UiPath StudioX again. It should no longer show the “Missing Workspace variable” error.

Let me know if this helped!
Cheers!! :slight_smile:


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I actually tried following the steps. Initially but there were no missing variables like warning/error when I opened in Studio. Anyways I sent my file to my manager but he could run my workflow/json file in Studio X which is peculiar. Nevertheless, I will classify this issue being resolve and next time I will try to remove variable from data manager in Studio X. Ultimately thanks all.

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