Unable to match value from the excel cell to that in the drop down list on the website



Used uiExplorer by indicating a particular element in the drop down.
‘*’ is added by me as the value is dynamic

<html app=‘chrome.exe’ htmlwindowname=‘15440817158500.ec9f3de75ea48c004f96181c765d12f7’ title=‘HSBC Property Valuation Tool | HSBC HK’ />
<webctrl parentid=‘hdx_dijits_form_Select_0_menu’ tag=‘TABLE’ />
<webctrl id=‘dijit_MenuItem_14_text’ tag=‘TD’ aaname=‘Kowloon’ />

Bolded text changes as we indicate the values in drop down.

htmlwindowname changes as we select the next vaule in drop down.

bolded text 14 increments as 15,16,17…while selecting the the next vaule in drop down

in aaname I have passed the variable

in <webctrl parentid=‘hdx_dijits_form_Select_0_menu’ tag=‘TABLE’ /> the value 0 indicates the drop down for particular detail. like for zone drop down it will be 0. for district it will be 1. for Estate Name it will be 2 and so on

for some drop down you have to also check the colName in uiExplorer


Thanks @kirti.iyer for a detailed explanation.

In the reply below:




Hi @ Tom1989
Please find attached working flow. I excel for column “Block” I have changed the value from “Tower 1” to “Block/Tower 1”.
RegardsSelect_Drop_Down.zip (18.4 KB)

Can I still select Block 1/ Tower 1 from the drop down list without changing its value in Excel. If yes, how should I edit my selector?


yes you can do it.
change assign temp3="Block 1/ "+row(“Block”).ToString
but as i see for different “Estate Name” “Block/Building” value changes. the above will only work for “Estate Name” “Beverly Villas”.


@kirti.iyer, How can we correctly select the Building regardless of its name ‘Tower 1’ or ‘Block 1’ or Tower 1/ Block 1’.

These selections differ on every website.


you cant because the aaname is specific like “Block1/ Tower1”
if suppose
the drop down has following values

Block1/ Tower1
Block1/ Tower2
Block2/ Tower1
Block2/ Tower2

and you have to select Block2/ Tower2. then the should be aaname=‘Block2/ Tower2’. so you need both to select correctly.


Hi @kirti.iyer @ClaytonM @patent-atanaka @Andrei_Oprea @Manjuts90 @Rishi1 @prankurjoshi @nadim.warsi @NicholasPwi @Anders_Kink

I implemented this workflow but the field floor is not getting selected on the website. I am tired of finding a way out. I tried multiple times and eMain.xaml (40.8 KB)
ven tried debugging the activity and workflow.

Please, can you suggest a solution to this problem? I am facing problem in the following activity:


Attached is the complete workflow.


Please advise on the above.


Hi @Tom1989

Here were some problems I found.

  1. Since this is a site with java elements, you need to change the WaitForReady to “None”, otherwise it uses up all the timeout before it will work. Also, change TimeoutMS to like 5000 so you don’t need to wait so long when it fails. You might be able to make it even faster by changing the DelayBefore to 0
  2. The Hover action is not needed, since the menu list activates on a click, not a hover.
  3. You were using a Clipping Region, which in this case you don’t need since you can use element selectors
  4. I tested the clicks at the top in a testing sequence so I know they are working with Hardcoded values. This is commented out in the version I am uploading back.
  5. I found possibly a more reliable selector by using the parentclass for the first click and also including the tag, which is important if the other attribute has a duplicate on the site for another tag type. I also added a wildcard around the Block (ie temp3 variable); you may not need that and you can add wildcards to any of the others as well.
  6. Make sure you are renaming your activities as you put them in so you know what the purpose of the activity is, because it makes easier for you and those who look at to navigate your code. I did this for the Click activities in the version I am uploading.
  7. I am uploading a fixed up version but I stopped at the Block item. You can simply just copy the 2 clicks for one of the other items, then just edit the selector for the other items; you can use the UiExplorer to get the correct parentclass for the other menu dropdowns and replace it in the activities that you copied for the other items.
  8. For further troubleshooting, make sure the variables have a string that is located in the dropdown, or it might not work. I have tested the activities with hardcoded values at the top, but have not tested it within your other code.

Main (23).xaml (35.8 KB)

Hope this helps bring back your sanity, atleast a little bit :laughing:



Dear @ClaytonM
Following your logic, I tried the same for selecting ‘Floor’ Field. But I am still facing a hiccup here because the value from the excel is not being mapped against the entries in drop down.

Can you suggest, how to tackle this? :slight_smile:

Also, in your workflow, can you tell me ’ where all exactly did you click on the website for these activities - because there are multiple ways to click or select the click area (Image not available in the workflow below):

@patent-atanaka @Andrei_Oprea @Manjuts90 @Rishi1 @prankurjoshi @nadim.warsi @NicholasPwi @Anders_Kink


Hi. Can you provide an example from the Excel file and from the Dropdown, so I can compare the differences? You might just need a wildcard placed somewhere or manipulate the Excel string a little bit so it can find the element in the dropdown.

I just selected in the middle of the dropdown area, but I did so in UiExplorer so I can examine the attributes and make an adjustment to the selector so it’s more reliable, and copy it into the activity. It should be almost identical to the other Click selectors but with a different parentclass (which will probably say “floor” in the name for example.



Hi @ClaytonM,

Can you please advise me on this project. I have shared every inch of detail with you :slight_smile:


@Pablo_Sanchez, Please advise!


@claytonM, Please can you advise on the above problem I am facing with the selector selection for BOC?

Also, I have shared a detailed description on the project in another post :slight_smile:

@kirti.iyer @KarthikByggari



Can you share the exact link where the mentioned elements are present since the link which you have provided does not have any selection.



Hi @Madhuraj , You have to accept and move forward on that page. It then take you to the property valuation page. Anyway, that has been sorted out already.

Can you help me address a major problem related to other project?

(Don’t want to paste the link to that case over here but you may look up the heading on the uipath forum:

“Urgent: Validation Error in invoked workflow”