Unable to locate continue on exception

Hi All,

I am using community edition 2019.10.4 and trying to have business exceptions in my workflow.
Using Throw activity is helping me introduce business exception but the problem is it breaks the execution flow instead of progressing with catch block. Earlier we used to have options where in we can disable break. From forum and release notes I could see this option is replaced by continue on exception. But I am unable to locate this in studio.

Can someone please help with the issue.

Sample screen from Forum which I found image

Ribbon from my UiPath studio

Execute the code using Ctrl + F5, which will run the code in production mode. As long as you’re handling exceptions using the Global Exception Handler, a Try-Catch block, or the REFramework, the process will continue until the end.

Thanks @Anthony_Humphries. Ctrl+F5 seems to be temporary solution till latest release with continue on exception is available as stable release.

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