Unable to install UiPath Orchestrator

Hi Team,

We are trying to install UiPath Orchestrator and we don’t want to go with HTTPS, can you please help me installing. not sure what to enter for CN. attaching the screenshot

Hi @gyalakanti,

If you check the installation guide for Orchestrator (Orchestrator 2016.2 Documentation) , the Appendix 4 gives you all the details required with respect to the certificate.

Sachin Desai

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Sachin, i don’t want to use HTTPS for orchestrator and we are doing for the first time and don’t know what to enter at Enter the CN for SSL certificate (Located in Local Computer\Personal Store): option. need some suggestion what to do, we are doing this in production. because of client limitation we cannot use HTTPS.

Hi Sachin, i have created a self signed certificated and proceeded with installtion and got the following error, can you help us in fixing the issue. attaching the screenshots for your reference.

let me know if you need more information, can you take this as a priority, we are doing this in prod environment

Hi @gyalakanti,

Please make sure that you have all the prerequisites completed and performed correctly. If you follow the steps as per given in the installation document it, it should not give any issues. As per what error I see, the issue is relating to some of the prerequisites not completed fine probably the roles and features not installed correctly or something like that.

Also, which version of Orchestrator are you trying to install?


Hi Friends,

I am new to UI path and unable to install it even after several trial of clean installation, I had disabled my antii virus- Kaspersky, but no luck yet.

Any pointers or prerequisite. I am using Windows 10 Home edition with latest updates.

Please guide.