Security Certificate Issue when installing UiPath Orchestrator 2016 2


I installed UiPath Orchestrator Version 2016 2.In my system and i am facing some issue when i run the website UiPathOrchestrator in browser with https://servername .i placed the error page below

Please help me to fix the issue.



Simply click continue to this website (not recommended) as long as you trust the source.



Thanks, When i click the continue to this website (not recommended) i got below error

The network path was not found


I am just trying to install an SSL certificate. With the new orchestrator you only have the option of installing over https due to every client wanting to do so.

I’ve been working through the options in this link

I think there are also some instructions in the Orchestrator Installation Guide.


Just to follow up on this. I have read the Orchestrator Installation Guide and there are clear instructions in there for installing both a domain certificate and an SSL certificate.