Unable to get dictionary values

i’m doing SharePoint automation using custom Activity obtained from UiPath Go. I successfully read values in the SharePoint list into dictionary but i’m unable to print the values inside the Dictionary.
I’m only getting the variable type.
Could you please help me to print the values in the dictionary?

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Hi @Aathira_Ajayan,

Please check the below link for example.

Instead of Item.ToString, item.Value will return the value in the dictionary.

Hi @SaranyaKishore,
Thank you for the reply. But i’m getting error while accessing key.

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Is it possible to send the workflow?

I’m unable to upload the workflow.

i’m getting above error.I have uploaded the workflow in my colleague’s forum. Could you please check the below link.

please use this link.

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i resolved the error. To loop through array of dictionary, TypeArgument should be type of dictionary.
Thank you for your response. @SaranyaKishore


Refer this:

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