In Dictionary how to get a specific value


My problem is this:

I have created a dictionary and a for each loop to iterate inside the dictionary. I want the user to enter a specific key and then to print the value of that specific key entered by the user.

For example:

My dictionary look like this
New Dictionary(Of String, String)From {{“0”, “string”}, {“1”, “string2”}}

I want the user to enter the key 0 and the message box to show string.

The problem is that message box is showing only string2.
Dictionary_Loop (3).xaml (8.4 KB)

Can somebody help please

Thank you

HI @Prog,

Refer this xaml file, i made few changes in your xaml file.

Dictionary_Loop (3).xaml (7.9 KB)

No Need to loop and get the value, in Uipath itself Get Dictionary Value activity is there you can you that one.



That worked perfectly.

Thank you