Unable to get all rows data in SharePoint after downloading the Excel file in Windows version UiPath

Hi Team,

I have one SharePoint in that I need to download the customer details Excel file.

Earlier I am using SharePoint activities to download the Excel file in Legacy version in UiPath.(Like API’s with out opening Bot able to download the Excel file directly)

But now I have converted Legacy to windows version.In windows SharePoint activities are not supported. So I have implemented UI automation like Login SharePoint and download the Excel file.

But here I am getting few rows of data missing while downloading the Excel using UI automation.

For example: In legacy version I am using SharePoint activities to download the Excel file.That Excel file contains 1200 rows of data.

Now’ i have developed the flow in windows version in UiPath and do this steps like login the SharePoint and download the Excel file but this file contains only 960 rows of data.

What is issue and also we have any SharePoint activities in Windows version to download the Excel file??? …
Please let me know if you have any solution.



you can use Microsoft office 365 activities to work on Sharepoint without UI



Can you please send me any sample workflow.

I am new to this topic


Girst you need some credentials to access and all …please check this on details

These are different auth available



Hi @Anil_G ,

I already saw this YouTube video but in my Azure website Azure active Directory option is not available.

So I can’t continue this approach.
Is their any alternative way to download the Excel from SharePoint.

I am attaching screenshot of SharePoint application

After lunching the SharePoint application next click on Export and then click on Export to Excel then Excel file will download.

But now I am API to download this Excel file from SharePoint.
Earlier I was used SharePoint team activities in Legacy version.Now I have converted to Windows.So, SharePoint activities are not available in Windows.

I am looking for new activities in Windows to download the Excel file from the SharePoint application.



please reachout to your IT and check if they can create an azure application

if not if you have access to integration services try with that

if both of the above are not possible then please go with ui automation

as Graph API authentication needs Azure app t be created


Hi @Anil_G ,
I have already automate using UI automation but few rows of data missing when compared to using API to download the Excel file.

Using API in Legacy version I am able to download the Excel file . This file contains 1234 rows .
But while downloading the Excel using UI automation.this Excel file contains 945 rows

Few rows of data missing.
I am looking for new approach to download the Excel file from SharePoint in Windows version.

Can you please brief me about Integration Services???


Go to orchestrator, open integration services, create a connection to your sharepoint using office 365 connector and use it


two ways

  1. You have strict deadlines to meet - you can download onedrive and connect sharepoint to it. You can treat it like a normal folder
  2. office365 activity packages