Unable to find XAML file even after adding "Include source files:

Hi Community!

I am trying to build a object repository in Community Edition 2024.2.1 and I am trying to extract it as Library. The “Include Sources” property in project settings is checked by default from version 23.4.2. When I Extract it as Library and publish it , NUPKG package is created. When i try to extract .nupkg package, I don’t see the source XAML. I am not sure whether am missing something here. Can anyone please advise on this .


You are having trouble extracting the source XAML file from a library created in UiPath Community Edition

By default, starting from version 23.4.2, the “Include Sources” property in project settings should be enabled. This means source files like XAML should be included in the library package. You have already done that. Please check the “Content” Folder for the Xaml file.

Hi Abishek,

Thank you for the response. I don’t see any XAML in “Content” folder.

I think that this is a recently introduced bug.
I just discovered that using either UiRobot.exe or UiPath.Studio.CommandLine.exe to pack/publish a process will change the value of IncludeSources to ‘false’ and (not surprisingly) the resulting package will not have the xaml files in it.
This can be observed by comparing the .project\design.json in the ‘content’ directory to the packaged to the .project\design.json of the original project.

I’m using Studio Enterprise 2023.10.6.

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