Unable to find ForEachMail activity in the activities panel

I have uninstalled and installed the UiPath.Mail.Activities package.
then also I was not able to find the For each email activity in the activity panel.

Any one please suggest hoe to get the activity.


There is no activity called For each email. You can use For each Activity and mark Type argument as MailMessage. Thus you can access properties of mail message on the item variable.

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Thank you for your suggestion.
I have changed the TypeArgument to MailMesasges. But i am not able to read the message body content and save the data.


Could you please share your workflow or error message.

u can use “item.Body.ToString” this code in for each activity
Create one assign activity name mailBody=“item.Body.ToString”
it will displays the body of the mail


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I want to extract the particular data from that mail body and save it in variable.

Hi @bhavana,

Use assign activity and then on right side you can use this condition mail.Subject.ToString.contains(“Your input text”) and store it in a variable. This will help you :+1:

In that case you need to use string manipulation on the mail body content and retrieve the required data.
If you can share the mail content and what is the data you want to extract, we can help you in achieving it.