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Hi All!

I am pulling email from Exchange using the “Get Exchange Mail Messages” activity, but when I try to use a For Each to go through the messages, I don’t get any options for the item:


I was looking at examples on here and it looks like I should see item.Subject at the very least, but I don’t get any of those options. Do I need to use something else to go through the messages?

I am using Studio 2019.4.4 right now.

Hi @s3vn

Try to change TypeArgument of For Each activity to MailMessage,
then you will get those options.


Hi @s3vn

For each activity pass the data type System.Net.Mail.MailMessage

Kommi Jeevan.

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@kommijeevan and @wusiyangjia, thank you very much! I tried changing it to a MailMessages list, didn’t think about just a single MailMessage!

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