Unable to find element on website if scrolling is required

I have a valid selector that can click on the correct elements in MS Planner online when the object I want it to click is visible on the screen. The element is unable to be found if I would need to scroll right or left to see it. How can I fix this? This is my current selector. It needs to be dynamic so can click on any MS Planner task.

Will setting the zoom on chrome work for you? Reduce the zoom to make more of the page visible.

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Hi @gianna.demetroulakos

Try to.use set focus activitiy which focuses to item by indicating the hidden element, then after that use click activitiy

Is there a way to identify the end of the page? I would recommend building the workflow so that it searches for the element. If element not found, then page down/scroll and repeat. Continue repeating until end of page is found, or element is found. If there isn’t a way to identify the end of the page, then just put in a loop counter instead and repeat until the element is found or max loop counter is met

I tried to Zoom out so the whole page was visible but it didn’t work. The bot couldn’t find any items when before it could find a few

Hi @gianna.demetroulakos, can u try with set focus activity?


Nived N

Hi. this did not work either. The bot was only able to find the same items as it previously had been without the set focus activity, but couldn’t find any more

the page needs to be able to scroll both right and left as well as up and down - do you know how I would do this?

Hi is the uielement is at the bottom of page? @gianna.demetroulakos

the page mostly scrolls from right to left and a little up and down. the bot can scroll to the right and find the first 2 elements that are out of view but it seems to be unable to scroll back to the left to find the third element

give a try on the hover activity

would i put the hover activity before the click activity?

yes try it like this

CV Hover or Mouse Hover?


The bot still was unable to find the 3rd element

maybe the bot is too fast

  • just go for debug / put some delay before for analysis purpose
  • maybe the selector can be reworked / be more specific

is there a specific part of a selector that indicates which column to search in on a website? i think that might be part of my problem

it would be helpfully for us if you could share some meore details on the element structures etc.

I am working with MS Planner online. There are over 100 tasks that i need the bot to click on. The tasks are organized into about 20 columns. it seems like the selectors are having the bot look in just 1 column/area of the screen