Unable to extract KeyPhrase using Microsoft Text Analysis activity

Can someone help me in extracting keyphrase using microsoft text analysis…
Thanks in advance

kp value is null. Please check assign activity for kp variable.

Karthik Byggari


This error usually occurs when the associated activity has a variable with null value in it
So to validate that use a writeline activity before to this and mention the input as ienumerable.Count.ToString so that we can check whether it’s more than zero or not

Cheers @preeharris

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Probably your Microsoft Text Analysis activity failed.
Can you set string varible to RawResult property in Microsoft Text Analysis activity, and check it?
There will be an error message if error occur.


Thanks @KarthikByggari
Yes key phrase value was null. After I selected that option in Microsoft text activity it is working!

Raw result has values. I had forgotten to select key phrase option in the activity


Thanks @Palaniyappan
The value was null as I had not selected Key phrase option in Microsoft text analysis activity

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Cheers @preeharris

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