Unable to extract data from pdf as it contains AVL_AVView

I am not able to extract value from pdf. All text in pdf appears as a single image. I have used ‘Anchor base’ activity - ‘Find element’ and ‘Get text’. Here is the selector:

<wnd app=‘acrobat.exe’ cls=‘AcrobatSDIWindow’ title=‘*.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (32-bit)’ />
<wnd aaname=‘Document Pane’ cls=‘AVL_AVView’ title=‘AVScrolledPageView’ />
<wnd aaname=‘Alert: Empty document’ cls=‘AVL_AVView’ title=‘AVPageView’ />

Is there any way I can extract values from this pdf?


which activity?

Get OCR text

you can use this activity also

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Read PDF with OCR works. thanks!

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