Unable to execute powershell script with invoke powershell activity

Hi everyone
I am trying to execute powershell script to get the list of installed programs from local system
with command “Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Product” using invoke powershell activity.

But its showing an error

Does anyone have solution to it

Hello @Manjit
You must change the output typen of powershell activity according to you return type of powershell script.

Actually right now i have no computer . So I can’t give exact option now

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@sandeep13 return type of power shell is “System.Management.Automation.PScustomObject”
but when I am giving the output same it is showing validation error
I am unable to find the exact return type for the invoke power shell activity for that command Main.xaml (5.5 KB)

Could you please suggest what return type should I use

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Are you mentioned output property in script?
For example I want return type as string so
At the end of the script i used
Output String

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I think you script return management object.
Right now I haven’t laptop . I am on the way .

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