Uipath - Powershell script errors

Hi Team,

I am not able to run a powershell script or even a command through Invoke PowershellScript pallet, I have been trying for a while now can someone help me . Below are the error that i receive when i just tried “Get-service” and “Get-childitem” and “hostname”.

1.) Get-service
“unable to cast object of type ‘system.serviceprocess.servicecontroller’ to type ‘system.management.automation.psobject’ uipath”

2.) get-childitem
" object reference not set to an instance of an object uipath powershell"

3.) hostname

unable to cast object of type ‘system.string’ to type ‘system.management.automation.psobject’ uipath

Please assist !!

Thanks Vinod
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In “Invoke Powershell activity” properties, section “Misc”:

1.) Set TypeArgument as “system.serviceprocess.servicecontroller”
2.) Set TypeArgument as “System.IO.FileInfo”
3.) Set TypeArgument as “system.string”

In attachment, find your examples:

You have to change the TypeArgument depending on the return type of your command/script.

If you wish to know what is the return type(s) of a cmdlet:
in a Powershell windows, type :
(Get-Command commandName).OutputType

example : (Get-Command Get-ChildItem).OutputType

PS.xaml (5.0 KB)


Hi Team,

Sorry for the late reply but if i have a bigger with lot of functions and lot many data as output, then how do i categorize and figure out datatype of each? Because now i am facing with a simple powershell itself.

Please let me know on how to go ahead.


thank u this helped me too :slight_smile: