Unable To Establish Connection Between Test Manager And Azure DevOps

How to troubleshoot connection issues between Azure DevOps and Test Manager.

This article covers connection issues between Test Manager deployed as on-premise and Azure DevOps, used as online platform (not as an installed service on a server in the user's infrastructure) are listed below.

Scenario 1: This error message is seen in Eventvwr,

"UiPath.TestManagementHub.Common.Exceptions.ConnectorConfigurationException: Connection to specified AzureDevOps-URL cannot be established.

---> UiPath.TestManagementHub.Common.Exceptions.HttpClientApiException: The call to https://dev.azure.com/EYCBS/UiPath.Process.Mining/_apis failed with status ProxyAuthenticationRequired

---> System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException: Response status code does not indicate success: 407 (Proxy Authentication Required).

at System.Net.Http.HttpResponseMessage.EnsureSuccessStatusCode()"

During the Azure Connection:

  • Involve the internal IT team to configure the proxy settings so that it allows the communication between the Test Manager server and the Azure DevOps website.

Scenario 2: After adding the UiPath TM extension in Azure Devops and adding the API key, the change cannot be saved. The "Incorrect URL" error is returned.


  1. Check the Devtools panel of the browser from where Azure DevOps is accessed from. A GET request failed with ERR_CERT_Authority_Invalid.
  2. Another manifestation of this behavior is observed when the API key can be successfully added and the extension configured, but no pushed Work items (from Azure DevOps) are sent to Test Manager.
  3. In Azure DevOps, go to Project Settings, Service hooks and see the failed entries. Open an entry and test the connection. If this error appears: "Cannot get DNS address for host {hostname} (No such host is known).



Both of these behaviors point to an issue with the SSL certificate installed on the Test Manager server.
A common cause is that the certificate installed on the Test Manager is self-signed. In order for the Azure DevOps connection to work, the self-signed certificate should be replaced with a certificate issued by a CA.