Unable to delete row on a specific index using Delete Row Activity

Hi Folks,

I need to use Delete Row Activity to delete 180th(for example but dynamic in real scenario) index from the Excel File.

What should be the input in Specific Row to suffice this condition and successfully delete the row.

Screenshot of error



If we set Range(“B7”) in DeleteRows activity, it works for only the 7th row.

If we need to delete the 180th row, we need to set Delete.Sheet("name").Range("B7:B200") for example or Delete.Sheet(“name”).Range(“B:B”) then set position considering offset.


the range should be in between two ranges…
in the Pic u have mention only b7 so that was the error…

@Yoichi , This seems to be working fine, could you please also help me with one more query around this.

I need to delete multiple rows, for example I delete 180th Index in the first iteration, and in the second Iteration I need to delete the 181st index.

But what happens is as I delete the 180th Index the Current Row becomes 180th and 181st. This causes something else to delete.

How to code this dynamically ?


There are some ways to achieve it. One of them, can you check the following post? This removes target rows in bulk after ForEach loop.


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