Unable to Connect to SharePoint to Access Shared Files

Hi Team,

I’m trying to connect to SharePoint and access some shared file. But, it gives me this error “FileNotFound” with “GetFile” activity. Could you please assist me on this?


@Piyumi you might need to authenticate with sharepoint using an internet explorer browser first. Try accessing that sharepoint using internet explorer and see if it prompts you for your credentials. I’ve done some VBA automation with files in sharepoint where even if I was logged in with chrome I needed to log in with IE or I would get some sort of unavailable error message.

Thanks. I logged in to SharePoint using Internet Explorer as you’ve mentioned. Now it’s giving a new error as; ‘The remote server returned an error(403) forbidden’. Pleas help me to solve this. I could download this file without any issue (directly from SharePoint), also I could download the same file using ‘download file’ activity as a separate workflow .However, I’m trying to run a code that written by someone else(which perfectly works for him) and the same file with download activity as a part of the code gives this errors.