Unable to connect to cloud SharePoint

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to connect(Map network Drive) with cloud SharePoint URL from Dass machine which i am unable to map.I am getting the below error

i am trying to get file from the share point URL. i tried using the API approach to connect to sharepoint URL , but i am unable to get the result as I need access tokens and i contacted sharepoint Admins for the same but they communicated that the API’s are not completely ready from their end.

Could you please suggest me any other approach to connect map drive for Cloud share point URL.

I also checked for WebClient Service which is running fine in the Dass machine.


Hi @priya_joshi_thaneti ,

It might be due to your SharePoint URL not considered as trusted site. Some organization they would not allow to access if the URL is not listed in the trusted sites.

Could you please try the solution 2 in the below URL. I am not sure do you have access to do these steps. if you have local admin rights that would be good. please try at your end.


Hi Kiran,

I used the methods provided in the Link you shared , but i am still getting the same error.


Sorry for the silly thought. please restart your machine and try. thanks.